Master Builders Solutions Products


Adhesives, Caulks, Sealants

MasterSeal® Sealants are high-performance polyurethane and hybrid expansion joint sealants that are designed to be highly flexible in order to reduce tensile stress at the bond line due to the thermal expansion and contraction. These Sealants are ideal for exterior siding/cladding and window applications for both residential and commercial uses, as well as for multi-purpose use in general construction applications. MasterWeld® adhesives from Master Builders Solutions are specially designed to provide long-lasting performance in a variety of applications.

Subcategory: Adhesives, Flooring Adhesives, Sealants

Masonry & Concrete

Master Builders Solutions provides a complete portfolio of cementitious repair products which can be wet or dry spray applied, formed and poured or hand troweled to meet virtually any repair scenario.

Subcategory: Masonry Repair & Restore

Paints, Stains & Coatings

Moisture penetration is one of the most critical challenges facing concrete structures. Interior or exterior, above or below grade, unprotected structures can suffer from water-induced damage, including deterioration and corrosion caused by alkalis, salts, acids and mold. Liquid-applied high-performance membranes and cementitious coatings provide a seamless barrier to seal walls and penetrations against the most damaging conditions.

Subcategory: Cementitious Coatings, Coatings, Colorants, Specialty Products

Weatherization & Flashing

Master Builders Solutions is a leading supplier of high-performance waterproofing and sealant products, air/water-resistive barriers, and liquid/self-adhered membrane flashing products that safeguard structures from the ingress of unwanted water, moisture, air and environmental contaminants. These air/water barrier systems were developed using unique Silica Fortified Technology in order to enhance installation and minimize energy loss so as to improve heating and air conditioning cost reductions.

Subcategory: Structural Waterproofing